All about Christmas


All about Christmas

Christmas is celebrated worldwide and mostly among Christians. It is the day honoring the birth of Jesus.  Christmas is the most fun festival among children & the most creative and fun part is the Christmas decorations for trees.

This festival is celebrated everywhere in its own way. Getting a tree, and decorating it, making Christmas snacks, hanging stockings of different colors are the traditional people do on Christmas day. Christmas has a very strong cultural significance and also popular among non-Christians.

Goa is the best place to celebrate this festival. The festival connects both the religions Christians & non-Christian and it is beautiful to watch everyone celebrating Christmas in their own way.

On the 24 December Christmas Eve is celebrated, it is the first day of celebration of this festival, just before Christmas. The second day is the main day and it is celebrated as Christmas and the third day is called as the “Boxing day”, and is celebrated after Christmas. The Christmas tree is the center of attraction in this festival and there is no argument that the right Christmas tree with proper Christmas decorations can change the whole mood or energy.

Tradition on Christmas

Get-together parties: Families do get-together parties on Christmas day or on Christmas Eve. Generally, People live far from each other, some live-in other countries too. So, a get-together brings them close to each other. Or even friends get together on Christmas eve to celebrate together.

Giving and Exchanging Gifts on Christmas: On Christmas, a famous tradition of gifting each other is beautiful. People give each other various gifts that are wrapped with decorative papers. As gifting to everyone in the family or office is difficult so many families and offices do gift exchanges through a process called “secret Santa”. In this, a person secretly takes the name of any person and buys a gift for them. In this way everyone gets a gift on Christmas and spread the festive cheer.

Charity: On Christmas day some people do charity. As it is a very religious and traditional festival. Some make food for people who are at a homeless shelter or some of them provide clothes and money to needy people. People signify through this work that they do this work throughout the year and not just one day.

Family Meals: Families do get together and make fancy extravaganza meals. Some make traditional old items and others try out new Modern food recipes. All immediate and extended family members and friends usually get together for this Meal and spend time with each other.

Office parties: Many companies provide a week of holiday to their employees for the occasion of Christmas and New year. Some companies give businesses parties, where Co-workers can bring their family along with them.

Setting up Christmas Tree:

The decoration is the main part to attract the glow of any festivals and parties. People do various things to maintain this like Decorating lights on trees or decorating whole houses. You can be more creative in decorating trees in spite of relying on the same type of garland, Ornaments. There are many ways of decorating a Christmas tree as follows:

  • Multicolor Christmas Tree:
    You can decorate your tree with multiple colorful baubles, ribbons, multicolor LED lights, candies, and bells. These will increase your attractiveness of the tree. But at Trinity Christmas, we have multi colored Christmas tree which will be a great option if you are looking for a colorful Christmas.
  • Snow Christmas tree:
    You can decorate your Christmas tree with cotton or also can use snow spray to make it look snow is on the tree. Adding white colored Christmas balls, stars, bells, pine cone can make the tree look snowier. At Trinity Christmas we have wide range of Snow Christmas tree options top choose from.
  • Traditional Christmas tree:
    If you are fond of old-fashioned model trees then you can decorate your own Christmas tree with classic Christmas baubles and some warm lights.

Christmas tree decorations items

Christmas decorations planning is one of the creative arts. Without decoration items, festivals are incomplete. Some most popular Christmas items are as follows:

Tree Skirt

Tree skirts basically wrap around the base of the Christmas tree. This also holds all the presents. Tree skirts can also be obtained in the form of baskets.

Christmas Ornaments

It is the most interesting and fascinating part of decorating a tree. You can add more beauty to your tree by decorating ornaments with a theme like red or even coastal.

Christmas Tree Topper

You can add the final touch to your Christmas tree by adding a Topper. It is placed at the top branch of the tree. A topper can be an angel or it can be a star.

Santa Claus figure and stockings.

Adding a Santa Claus figure adds beauty to Christmas decorations. Santa Claus brings goodies for children. Also placing Stockings near the fireplace completes the Christmas traditions.

LED Christmas lights

These string lights add warmth to the festival making it more beautiful. It can be decorated anywhere like on trees, or around the staircase. It works for approximately 1 or 2 years generally so it is also an investment decoration.

Nativity Set

Christmas is a religious festival and if you want to celebrate it then you should keep a nativity set to maintain its charm and religion.

Christmas tree shop

Here you will find everything you are searching for like Christmas trees and Christmas decoration items.

The Christmas tree basically belongs to phylum gymnosperms and it is a conifer plant. So, if you’re looking for a decorated tree then you must check whether it is an original conifer tree or not. Or if you’re looking to shop for a Christmas tree near me in google then there are several websites available.

Artificial Christmas Tree

Many times, people choose Artificial Christmas trees over a real tree as sometimes it gets hard to find a real one in India. Nowadays artificial trees are made with so much beauty that it becomes difficult to differentiate whether it is a real one or an artificial one.

Types of Artificial trees

  • PVC Trees: Traditional Christmas trees are now made up of PVC material.
  • PE + PVC Trees: Realistic Christmas trees are made of both PE + PVC mix to give a perfect Christmas tree look.
  • PE Trees: Most Realistic Christmas trees are made of PE material as they are costly material but looks close to real once due to the molded leaves types.
  • Fiber Optic trees: Lighted Christmas trees with fiber optic lights dazzle on the edges of the Christmas tree.

Pre-lit trees have now become famous around the world especially in India. It is easy to use as one’s doesn’t have to use their own string light. Mostly LED lights or incandescent lights are used to decorate or design Christmas trees. Plastic lights are found in various colors & also some are observing in the market with built-in MP3 player and speakers. Some companies like Balsam Hill use plastic mold folded from natural tree branches in order to create natural trees

Buying a Christmas tree online

Christmas trees are easily available both through online and offline mode. If you are planning to buy a Christmas tree online, then there are several websites available for this. But Choosing the best Christmas tree website is difficult and the most of the time seller send a different product from what is shown on their website. Trinity Christmas is selling Artificial Christmas Trees and Christmas decoration items online in India from 2008 and they sell high quality items. You can check their reviews from customers and you can shop with confidence.

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