15 Best Christmas Gifts for Kids: Toys, Books, & More

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

Everyone loves the holidays, but they can be pretty stressful for parents. Not only are you busy wrapping presents and planning decorations, but your kids can get antsy, too. They want to know what they’ll get from you this year. After all, you’re the one who has to buy most of the Christmas present for everyone else. Here are some great ideas for gifts that your child will love this holiday season without breaking the bank or stressing you out!

  1. Books
    Kids love reading, and books are a great gift idea for kids. There are thousands of great books that kids will love. Even better, you don’t have to break the bank to get them books! Many of them are on sale during the holiday season. Selecting books for kids can be tricky, especially if they’re older. What kids like now can change over time, so be sure to pick books that they will enjoy years from now. There are plenty of great books for kids of all ages. Find the ones your child will love this holiday season. Some of the best books for kids include the following:
    • Traditional books
      • A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
      • Letters From Father Christmas by J.R.R. Tolkien
      • The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski
      • The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by E.T.A. Hoffmann
      • Mr. Dickens and His Carol
    • Thriller books
      • little woman
      • Goosebumps
      • The series of Unfortunate Events
      • The dot and Jabber series
    • Fictional books
      • Charlotte’s Web
      • Harry Potter series
      • Game of Thrones
      • Charlie and the Chocolate factory
      • Roald Dahl’s collection
  1. Art gifts

There are colours all around us and everyone is an artist on their own. If your child knows how to play with the vibrancy of these colours, Why not hand them over the paint and brushes and let them flow with the colours. You can also gift them a canvas set or a drawing pencil set. Pencils of different boldness would help them to create sketches in a better way. Gifting them a colour kit, paint palette and art files would be the best option.

  1. Platform membership

If you have given birth to a cinephile, then what can be a better gift than OTT platform membership of platforms like Disney Hotstar, Prime and Netflix.

Considering parents’ concern about the content, these OTT platforms are provided with an option to filter the content and you can also create a kids account there that has content only for the kids. So, you can easily check what they’re up to there and it would be a really good gift for them.

  1. Dresses

Gifting dresses to Someone is like asking them to change the way they are just for the time being. Outfits you carry has a prominent impact on what you think and how are you going to act for the time.

I have always been fond of dressing myself next to perfect on any occasion. If your kiddo is fond of their looks, why not gift them beautiful outfits that match their energy for the day. You can choose something either from their taste or if you want some changes in their look, you can choose something of your choice.

  1. Toys

Kids love toys, especially toys that teach them something new. You can find toys, educational toys, and many more types of toys designed for kids. The best toys are the ones that keep your child entertained for hours. Kids tend to love DIY gifts. They’re great for creative kids and can be a lot of fun for birthday parties. There are many DIY gifts that can be made by kids, like scrap booking, decorating, and painting crafts.

  1. Writing gifts

Art is a gift and writing is the art to pen down the thoughts and gets connected to people without meeting them. Gift them journals, diaries, pen sets, calligraphic pens, notebooks or a stationary kit. It would be a good gift for them.

  1. Miniature gifts

I would personally recommend visiting the website Trinity Christmas if your kid has enormous love for miniature Christmas models like me. You can find miniature models of Christmas in the cities of old European countries or snow villages, north pole series, in this site and also you can shop for Christmas gifts online.

  1. Cooking gifts

Cooking is a must mastered skill for everyone regardless of their age and gender. You can be a kid or an adult and have much-filled love for the food. Kids love helping in the kitchen and are especially intrigued with knives.

Gift them a beautiful dinnerware set of their favourite characters, chopsticks or wooden knife sharp enough to chop fruits and loaves of bread and especially, a tabletop kitchen or grill set would be perfect.

  1. Minimalist gifts

Gifts like little toys, showpieces, mugs with minimal art on them,

A landscape or a quote painting will be good enough to motivate them as well as looks good in their collection.

  1. Sports gifts

Sports is a generous activity for someone to stay fit and active. Football, basketball, volleyball, cricket kit or chess set may be. Any sport your child is interested in, they should play it like a champion.

  1. Jewellery

Some kids are more fond of accessories like bracelets, pendants or anklets. Taking into view the new trend of minimalist design, you can choose them for your kids and they wouldn’t look extra for them.

  1. Instruments

Some people are born with beauty in their voice and magic in their hands for instruments. If your kid is one of them, you can find amazing and pocket-friendly instruments online for your kiddo to help him in achieving his vocals. It could be a western instrument like Guitar. There are many varieties in them such as electric guitar or Acoustic Guitar. You can find them on Amazon and Flipkart at a reasonable price. And, if we are considering the beautiful Indian classical music, then you must buy them flute or Harmonium or Veena. Flutes are easily available and easily learn instruments for beginners. Many teachers teach this art online as well as offline. So, if this is what your peaceful kid needs, then music is a perfect gift for them.

  1. Backpacks

With the growing age, one’s desire to travel get stronger and with the right backpack, it’s easier to carry your necessities all at once. Gift them the best backpacks with more pockets for the right day (we know the value of pockets, right). You can easily find the backpacks online that fits your budget too or you can buy them in your nearest market. And, if you want to buy them their Christmas gift with a title of a brand, then Reebok or Adidas showrooms are always in the vicinity in areas or you can always order them from their official website.

  1. Personalised gifts

In the era where everything is just a design different from each other, gift your kid their personalised kinds of stuff. You can find many small businesses on Instagram or any other social media that can help you with this easily. You can order personalised gifts like candles, photo albums, lanterns, pendants, bags, notebooks, pens, t-shirts or anything that they want to have on their desk.

  1. Technology gifts

This is not new that advancement has taken over much of the choices of today’s children. All these generation z kids want is a gaming laptop or a gaming phone. But, if you know that your kid is good with coding or languages, I think it’s good to gift them what they need the most, a technology gift. It could be earphones, headphones or wireless Blue-tooth headset, speakers (if you know they can be a disco Jockey in future though that’s hard to digest) but, still, if it’s about their perfect choice, why not offer them what they want and need.

Kids are curious, so they’ll love the gifts you get them this Christmas season. Make sure you choose gifts that are age-appropriate for your child, and don’t stress about spending too much money. There are many inexpensive Christmas gifts that will bring joy to your child this holiday season. These are just some of the best Christmas gift ideas for kids. If you are looking for more gift ideas, check out our article on the 15 Best Christmas Gifts for Kids : Toys, Books, & More.






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