Choosing a Christmas Tree: Live or Artificial

Christmas is nearing very soon and decorations are a significant part of Christmas, apart from prayers and greetings. In a dilemma to choose live Christmas trees or artificial ones? Here is a small guide to help you decide which one suits you the best, with pros and cons.

Live Christmas Trees


  • The most important thing about buying live Christmas trees is that they give you a fresh pine scent. The natural scent that comes from these live fresh trees draws more people, which can never ever come from the artificial scents, the retailers sell.
  • Apart from the scent that the fresh trees offer, buying fresh live trees is a family tradition. Many families keep it as an annual tradition to visit a farm to buy live trees and spend time together as a family, which is totally forgotten in the current day life scenarios.
  • Buying live Christmas trees also supports local farmers, which in a way supports the livelihood of the local farmers.


  • Though the fresh cut trees emit natural scent, they are highly allergenic. They trigger mold allergies. When the trees are left stand still indoor for more two weeks, the mold levels rise to five times.
  • Live Christmas trees are expensive.
  • Not to forget the maintenance. Live trees take up much of your time, as they need a change of fresh, clean water almost every day, and a light spray of mist to keep the branches nourished for the season.
  • The other thing about live Christmas trees is that the needles drop in a week’s time, no matter how well you maintain the trees. So sweeping becomes a must, to keep children and pets away from the stray needles.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas Tree 4 Feet


  • When compared to fresh and live trees, artificial Christmas trees are inexpensive and practical. For the price of two farm cut Christmas trees, you’ll be able to buy an artificial Christmas tree that you’ll use for several years. The price and quality of these artificial trees totally depend on the customer’s needs and preferences. (For customer’s convenience, Trinity Christmas has the following sizes:  Ranging from 4 Feet to 12 feet )
  • Artificial trees are easy to maintain, incredibly easy to set up and maintain.
  • Prelit Christmas trees are the most preferred among other types of artificial Christmas trees, as they save you the effort of stringing up the lights yourself.
  • Maintenance isn’t going to take much of your time and it is also easy to wrap and keep them in your attic or garage.
  • Artificial Christmas trees are available in various shapes, sizes and styles, right from the most realistic to luxurious ones, whichever fits you best.
  • They are non allergenic.


  • Artificial Christmas trees are non-biodegradable, as they are made of PVC or PE plastics. The ones that are manufactured are made from non-biodegradable materials and that makes it hard for us to recycle and use.
  • As they are artificial, the natural pine scent isn’t available. Though there are many artificial pine fragrances available, the natural scent always makes its way through.

Difference between Live and Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas TreesLive Christmas Trees
Pine SmellNoYes
ProductionMade of PVCGrown naturally on tree farms
Average lifespan after purchase10 yearsA few weeks
Sheds NeedlesNoYes
Fire RiskNoPotentially

So what’s your take now? Still, unable to decide? Give us a call on +91 9840772578 or check our Artificial Christmas Trees.

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