How to Choose Best Artificial Christmas Tree in India

How to Choose Best Artificial Christmas Tree in India


There is nothing like a Christmas tree that will put you in a holiday mood. Setting up the Christmas tree in your living room and decorating it unites the family and marks the Christmas season’s true beginning.

The Christmas tree is the center of your decorations and with such a wide variety of artificial Christmas trees available on the market, finding the right one for your home is hard. This article has all you need to know to get the best artificial Christmas tree.

You need to know where you want to place it before you buy your artificial Christmas tree, so you can be sure of the maximum space available in width and height. Typically, a corner fits fine, but keep in mind any adjacent doorways that you wouldn’t like to block with branches poking up.

Christmas Tree Height

Remember the height of an artificial Christmas tree while shopping. A typical house has a ceiling height of between 9 to 10 feet. If you measure 9 feet height from floor to ceiling, that doesn’t mean you should buy a tree that is 9 feet. Note, the angel, top star or tree topper will need space at the top of the tree. The tree will look much better if there’s a bit of extra room at the top. Always choose a tree which is 1.0-1.5 ft shorter than the height from the ceiling.

Christmas Tree Height

3 feet & below:

These are very small trees, which can usually be used on a table or child’s bedroom. These table top trees usually sized from 1 feet to 3 feet.

4 feet & 5 feet:

These are small trees that can usually be used either as a secondary tree or for a small apartment. They are ideal for office spaces as it gives enough scope for decoration. These trees are also fairly easy to assemble and store. Fiber optic Christmas tree and Pine xmas trees in this size variant are top sellers.

6 feet & 7 feet:

These are the most popular choice and perfect size for any living room. The xmas trees in this size range are consider as large with good height and width. This height range provides wide variety of artificial Christmas tree options.

8 feet & 10 feet

You should certainly consider buying a tree at this height range if you have high ceiling or wide portico. These Christmas trees look fantastic in large living rooms and look stunning for their height and width. Also you can load a lot of Christmas decorations on the tree.

12 Feet & Above

These are normally displayed in shopping malls, airports and outdoors. Perfect for large displays in public spaces, and vaulted ceilings.

Christmas Tree Types:

There is a large range of Christmas tree types to choose from, each with different looks, shapes and colours. Some of the most common artificial treetop forms are:

Fir Christmas TreeFir Christmas Trees

  • Dense branches containing smooth, flexible needles.
  • Bushy in style, and complete in appearance.
Pine Christmas TreePine Christmas Trees

  • Classic needle like structure.
  • Full of room for all your favourite decorations
Spruce Christmas TreeSpruce Christmas Trees

  • Traditional Christmas tree shape and style.
  • Ideal for lots of decorations.
Flocked Christmas TreeFlocked Christmas Trees

  • Branches of the tree are made of artificial snow.
  • Creates indoor winter wonderland.
Pre-Lit Christmas TreePre-Lit Christmas Trees

  • The lights are integrated into the branches.
  • Pre-lit trees are easy to assemble.
Fiber Optic Christmas TreeFiber Optic Christmas Trees

  • Display tiny lights on the tips of the tree.
  • Fibre-optic trees are perfect when you don’t have time to decorate.
Tinsel Christmas treeTinsel Christmas Trees

  • Non-traditional tree with paper leaves like finish.
  • Comes in fun colours from hot pink, Gold or Silver.

Christmas Tree Quality:


The number of tips attached to the tree can also indicate how full a tree looks. The more tips, the more complete the tree. Also we do need to look at the width of the tips. The Tips on the Fir Christmas Tree and Spruce Christmas tips comes with different width. The 5 cm tips resemble low quality, 6 cm tips resemble average quality and the 7-8 cm tips resemble high quality.


Artificial Christmas trees come with three types of branches Hinged, Hook-in and Wrap. Hinged type is firmly attached to the central pole of the tree, which opens up easily and the branches fix in the mould provided. Hook-in branches are individually hooked onto a specific spot on the central pole and are quite time consuming to set up and put back. Wrap type are attached(wrapped) to the central pole and has to be manually pulled out. Usually High-Quality Christmas trees use Hinged type as it is quick to set up and durable.

Hinged Type branches                            Hook Type branches


Artificial Christmas trees are made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Polyethylene (PE).

PVC Christmas trees are constructed around a piece of wire by twisting thin strips of PVC, which produce various thicknesses for pine-like branches. PE Christmas trees are made from plastic injection moulding which makes the needles three-dimensional. The construction of this PE is much more realistic, and the needles are softer. Most trees are made from a combination of both PE and PVC, providing a fuller, and more natural look.

Traditional Tree Needles (PVC)

Traditional needles from the Christmas tree are made from PVC and help to create a complete look in artificial Christmas trees.

PVC Christmas tree needle
Realistic Tree Needles (PE)

The most realistic artificial Christmas trees are made of PE plastic. Such moulded polymer needles have the shape, colour, and density of a branch of a true evergreen tree.

PE Christmas tree needle
Mixed Tree Needles (PVC + PE)

For a more accurate artificial Christmas tree look is extracted by using both PVC and PE. Mixed tree needles use both PE and PVC to produce a very full, realistic look that is usually more convincing.

PVC+PE Christmas tree needle

Christmas Tree Stands

Make sure it is Iron Stand to Keep your tree in position. As they are some plastic stand available which is not durable.

Metal Christmas tree stand                              Plastic Christmas tree stand


Just as artificial Christmas trees of all sizes can be found, they can be found in all price ranges, too. The quality of the tree and the additional Needles will ultimately affect the pricing. Although traditional type varieties are usually inexpensive, there are also new variants Christmas trees available, but bear in mind that they come with a price tag.


Tips: Christmas Trees with higher tip counts usually appear fuller and looks traditional. When you buy Christmas trees online make sure to closely examine the details mentioned above. For High Quality Artificial Christmas Tree you can shop at

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