The Untold History of Christmas Lights

The Untold History of Christmas Lights

The probability of many knowing the history of Christmas lights would be considered low and this blog aims to throw light on the history of Christmas light. To kick off, Christmas lights have always been a part of Christmas decoration and there is no denial about it. It was Thomas Edison who played a major role in these decorative lights.

Edison’s Christmas Light Show

In the year 1880, Edison had already figured out incandescent light bulbs and was watching for a innovative and exceptional idea to advertise them. So, he took his chances and displayed them outside his Menlo Park laboratory compound so that passersby would notice them. Edward Johnson, a student of Edison, two years later displayed the first electrically illuminated Christmas lights at his home in Manhattan. This 80-light display featured red, white, and blue lights wrapped around a Christmas tree for visitors and friends to admire.

Though we consider them as decorative items, back then Christmas trees were lit by candles and they posed serious hazards and fire risks and so is the reason people used to watch over their Christmas trees from outside to ensure that their houses don’t get burned from these candles in the Christmas trees.  By the year 1908 insurance companies refused to pay for the claims made for Christmas tree fires as there were numerous of them.  Later it was decided that tying candles to these dry Christmas trees posed a severe threat to many and branded unsafe.

To replace these candles, people began following Edison’s idea of using incandescent bulbs around their Christmas tree for their illumination needs. These bulbs were perfect for decorations but then it too had its cons and posed a threat as these bulbs got too hot and the sparks from these bulbs would burn the Christmas trees in a matter of seconds.

During this time, people began to use incandescent bulbs for their Christmas tree and outside house for their lighting needs. These Christmas lights were far from perfect since incandescent light bulbs can get adequately hot, and the sparks from the faulty strings can still light up a tree in a matter of time.

The Dawn of Christmas Lights

Eight years after the purchase of patent rights to Edison’s light bulbs by GE (General Electric), the first known advertisement for Christmas tree lights appeared in the Scientific American Magazine. The ad also suggested people to rent these Christmas lights are they were expensive. As the demand grew, fifteen other companies started selling their own Christmas lights. All these companies in 1925, formed a consortium that would be known as NOMA Electric Corporation, the largest Christmas light manufacturer in the world.

The surprising thing about NOMA was that, even though it was formed three years prior to The Great Depression, they managed to pull through as their appeal was enormous. To make Edison’s vision come true, they worked hard to become the world’s biggest manufacturer of the bubble light. The lights featured a liquid, usually methylene chloride (a chemical with a very low boiling point), that could fizz and flicker just like the traditional candle that it was meant to replace.


Popular Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are probably the most important decorative item in any home which celebrates Christmas. Here are few Christmas light choices for you to choose from.

Incandescent Lights – The mother of all Christmas lights and there is no doubt about it. The usage of these bulbs is considerably low, the technology remains practically the same. Yet the celebrate the kickoff, we Trinity Christmas have limited incandescent lights to offer.

C7 And C9 Lights –  Known for their bright and long-lasting nature, these C7 And C9 lights are the most popular holiday lighting options. The C7 lights are 2 inches long and the C9 lights are 3 inches long and they both come in various styles and colours. These bulbs can be fastened separately into the sockets. Browse our selection of C7 and C9 lights for your holiday season.

Mini Lights –  These mini lights are very attractive and most traditional lights for holiday season and tend to go well with LED lights.  These lights are perfect for hanging around railings, displaying on the front stoop, rolling around trees … Trinity Christmas offers you a variety of lights for you to choose from.

5MM LED Lights – Small in size, these LED lights produce bright and consistent light output and is best recommended for indoor and outdoor displays.  They are the best ones to hang around Christmas trees.

Net Lights – Net lights are the easiest way to decorate bushes, shrubs outside your home. As the name suggests, the lights are a net-like pattern, so they can be draped easily over large objects.

Looking for more Christmas decorations for your holiday season? Trinity Christmas offers a variety of decorative items you could choose from.

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