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7 Feet Bayberry Spruce Christmas Tree

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You’ll love the realistic feeling of our Bayberry Spruce Christmas Tree. Made of Eco-friendly material, the tree has long, realistic PE needles towards the outside for realism and classic PVC towards the inside for thickness. Lightly flocked artificial snow and mix of textures branch tips provides a super Full and Lush appearance. This tree is designed to last with a sturdy metal stand and hinged construction for easy set up. It’s perfect for any room in your house and is sure to be loved by family members of all ages!

  • 210 cm / 7 Feet Bayberry Spruce Christmas Tree
  • Most Realistic PE Needles
  • Dense and Classic PVC Needles
  • Lightly Snow Flocked Christmas tree
  • Filled with Berries and Pine cones
  • Hinged Branches for Easy Fluffing
  • Sturdy Metal Stand
  • Easy to Assemble
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7 feet Bayberry Spruce Christmas tree

This 7 feet Bayberry Spruce Christmas Tree is everything we wanted a Christmas tree to be, lightly flocked, lifelike real feel PE Tips, super Full and Lush, a decorated Christmas tree with natural Pine cones and Red Berries, Hinged easy setup construction. This tree features realistic branch tip with PE and PVC leaves, creating a Xmas tree with perfect realism.

  • This 210 cm / 7 feet Bayberry Spruce Christmas Tree made of highly realistic PE needle towards outside for the realism, classic PVC towards inside for the thickness, making it look Realistic and Dense
  • When you think of Christmas, what comes to mind? Snow! Well, this Lightly Snow flocked tree can make a great addition to your Christmas decor!
  • This Christmas Tree filled with Red Berries and Pine Cones to create a unique and beautiful holiday display.
  • Hinged type construction for easy set up, strong metal hinges structure, this tree is designed to last.
  • Trinity Christmas tree uses Sturdy Metal Stand instead of cheap plastic stand, the iron stand can absolutely provide stronger support for the 7 feet bayberry spruce Christmas Tree and ensure stability. 
  • Unlit Tree – This tree is unlit, and only Berries and Pine Cones are included in the tree. We leave the imaginations of decorating to you and your family.
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